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The Game Show Channel Avatar
The Game Show Channel: The Game Show Channel is BACK! Check it out at May 31, 2024 10:00:16 GMT -5
Frank Avatar
Frank: I guess you could say aaaa, it was rite in the butt. Pun intended May 30, 2024 11:58:36 GMT -5
Frank Avatar
Frank: The Remote Control community game has started, May 8, 2024 9:10:25 GMT -5
aaaa Avatar
aaaa: I'll delete my welcome back comment, but yeah, karma kicked me in the butt a few times. May 6, 2024 13:27:08 GMT -5
Mandoli Avatar
Mandoli: Do not start a fight. May 6, 2024 9:55:28 GMT -5
matchthestars Avatar
matchthestars: No welcome back. For all the crap he's done over the years, karma kicked Zachy in the butt. It's well deserved. May 6, 2024 7:57:20 GMT -5
rewindium Avatar
rewindium: Welcome back Mr Horan May 3, 2024 17:17:02 GMT -5
ivoryface86 Avatar
ivoryface86: What abraun is referring to is the Syndicated version, aka The New Family Feud, with the addition of the Bullseye game, as well as points being added for the successful steal. Apr 23, 2024 8:43:12 GMT -5
Frank Avatar
Frank: Do you remember if it was on the Syndicated version or the CBS version. I personally DO NOT have them Apr 18, 2024 19:56:30 GMT -5
Frank Avatar
Frank: You may want to try looking at people's collections. Most people would give you a copy if they have it for a family member being on a show. Apr 18, 2024 19:39:57 GMT -5
abraun Avatar
abraun: Thanks Apr 17, 2024 13:12:45 GMT -5
abraun Avatar
abraun: Hi! I am new here. I was wondering if anyone could tell me where I could find old family feud episodes from 1992. Specifically Sept. 1992 episode FF5-782 Jameson vs Cooper and FF5-783 Jones Vs. Cooper. My wife was on those shows. Apr 17, 2024 13:12:39 GMT -5
phimat37 Avatar
phimat37: I think these "community games" were starting to die a bit in the last year or two of GSN's message boards. Free for all's just seem to work better. Not only do people have lives, people have many more ways to stay entertained. As times change, so do we. Apr 11, 2024 13:40:10 GMT -5
Mandoli Avatar
Mandoli: Wasn't talking about you, really... Apr 4, 2024 22:31:33 GMT -5
palmer7 Avatar
palmer7: Kicking a man while he's down isn't very nice, guys. Apr 4, 2024 19:38:08 GMT -5
Mandoli Avatar
Mandoli: ... I think of different people than the ones who are using this chat that are going to circumvent and post their games. Apr 1, 2024 8:45:27 GMT -5
Frank Avatar
Frank: I really think it's time to bring it back, of course I'll use the loophole if you do Mar 31, 2024 21:16:28 GMT -5
Mandoli Avatar
Mandoli: Because peer pressure? Honestly, I would have rather kept the ban on. Mar 27, 2024 20:13:36 GMT -5
Frank Avatar
Frank: I really don't know why Mandoli even opened back up for those type of games. I really think the free-for-all games work better. Mar 26, 2024 22:33:13 GMT -5
matchthestars Avatar
matchthestars: You clearly don't, otherwise you wouldn't be whining about it. People are busy and have lives and jobs. Perhaps you should try going that route as well. Mar 25, 2024 9:54:26 GMT -5
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