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Frank Avatar
Frank: I feel like I deserve a technical win for even knowing that person Jan 20, 2023 13:59:20 GMT -5
Mandoli Avatar
Mandoli: The fun has just started again, it seems... Jan 13, 2023 20:38:19 GMT -5
ItsVedaTime Avatar
ItsVedaTime: christ on a bike...what have i missed here Jan 13, 2023 11:06:19 GMT -5
Mandoli Avatar
Mandoli: I want to keep the TPIR thread clear of any more Michael Taylor talk. If you're up for talking about that ban, go to the Discord! Jan 13, 2023 10:17:52 GMT -5
Mandoli Avatar
Mandoli: Five year show extensions for Wheel and Jeopardy. Jan 11, 2023 15:29:20 GMT -5 *
captainfortune Avatar
captainfortune: I’ll pray for both GST and Damar Hamlin. Jan 3, 2023 22:35:10 GMT -5
Mandoli Avatar
Mandoli: No speculation, please. Jan 3, 2023 21:47:48 GMT -5
tpirlogo Avatar
tpirlogo: According to his YT Community Tab, he just simply said "Health Scare". He didn't disclosed what though. Jan 3, 2023 20:47:44 GMT -5
AstreKid103090 Avatar
AstreKid103090: I pray for him. Jan 3, 2023 18:53:28 GMT -5 *
Frank Avatar
Frank: what happened? Jan 3, 2023 17:49:53 GMT -5
rewindium Avatar
rewindium: Wishing Michael Tiller (Game Show Temple) a full recovery from his health scare and hospitalization Jan 3, 2023 17:18:50 GMT -5
jean74 Avatar
jean74: Hope you all have a blessed and safe 2023 you all. Happy New Year! Jan 2, 2023 20:39:40 GMT -5
Frank Avatar
Frank: Mohammed Lee? Mohammed is the most common first name and Lee is the most common last name. I figure this gives me the best chance. Dec 31, 2022 11:31:39 GMT -5
Mandoli Avatar
Mandoli: That's no bueno. Dec 29, 2022 15:17:15 GMT -5
tpirrules1972 Avatar
tpirrules1972: Guess who has COVID and will be spending the next five days mostly watching Buzzr... Dec 29, 2022 15:15:40 GMT -5
S_SweepFan3 Avatar
S_SweepFan3: Merry Christmas! Dec 25, 2022 21:18:53 GMT -5
Mandoli Avatar
Mandoli: Doing some cleanup of threads. AP threads should be the ones getting the workout. Dec 1, 2022 14:04:56 GMT -5
timg Avatar
timg: What Tattletales episodes will be new for BW Christmas? Saw the previews and it looks like the back set looks darker. There are only 3 weeks +1 syn ep. of Ludden/White that Buzzr hasn't aired. Nov 28, 2022 6:47:24 GMT -5
Mandoli Avatar
Mandoli: Do not promote games in the chat box. Nov 14, 2022 21:43:05 GMT -5
palmer7 Avatar
palmer7: Still waiting for one more player for Price Nov 12, 2022 20:25:30 GMT -5
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